Thursday, February 14, 2008

Going, Going, GONE! The Stage Mobile Home Sold!

I received a call from one of my clients a week before Christmas. He told me that he just received an offer on his Murrieta, CA property after being listed on the market for only 3 WEEKS!!! He said "Thank you so much for helping me get the house looking it's best. That's why it SOLD so quickly!" What a wonderful Christmas present!

This was a mobile home property staged by 1st Stage Property Transformation which I blogged about back in October Do you Stage Mobile Home's? wondering if Mobile Homes should be staged. I received some great comments and was looking forward to the challenge.

I am soooo excited and happy for the home seller, REA. and lil ole me! :) A Win-Win-Win!

We did a whole house consultation for this client, brought in a few accessories and staged the family room and spare bedroom with furniture.

I did suggest painting the panelling and removing or painting the wallpaper but the seller had a limited budget. The seller spent most of the budget on the driveway repair which I recommended and he agreed needed to be done. Let's face's the first thing you see and considering this is a 55 and better community we don't need any potential buyer's falling on the way in!

Realtors...Don't Delay.....Stage Today!

This Murrieta, CA vacant property you are about to view had been on the market for a few months. After many price reductions and still no luck, Sirva, a relocation company, took the advice from The Hensley Group, Inc in December to stage the home. Six weeks after home staging by 1st Stage Property Transformation, the property received an offer and is now currently in Escrow! :)

Realtor's, What are you waiting for??? Don't Delay.....Stage Today!!!

This Murrieta Vacant Property was home staged by 1st Stage Property Transformation. Please email or call me at 951.704.0597 for a free home staging quote.