Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh No Faux!!! Boy was I WRONG!!!

Honestly I am not a huge fan of faux painting. As a Murrieta/Temecula Professional Home Stager it is my job to help prepare real estate properties for the market and Faux Painting is a bit too personal. Yes sometimes it can be tastefully done, however in many cases it can be overdone......incorrectly done and often times obnoxiously done!

OK so you see where I am coming from......that is why when a RE Client/investor mentioned to me that he was going to have the white kitchen cabinets fauxed I was a little surprised. Don't get me wrong, I love Faux Applications in the right setting....Heck I even have my office fauxed. But I feel fauxing is very personal and should not be used when selling your property! END OF STORY or so I thought!

So this is what I was thinking.....................

Yikes! So you can see why I was concerned!!

So lets continue...

He mentioned having them done like his own personal home kitchen cabinets. OH UH!! RED FLAG!! Sounds TOO PERSONAL!!! He said the Faux painter would be coming next week to leave samples and asked me if I could help him make a final decision.

Well, since the Temecula Real Estate Investor had his PERSONAL kitchen cabinets done, and he was so happy how they turned out I decided to agree to look at the samples and help him make a decision. The whole time I was really trying to figure out how I could softly break it to him that I thought it would be a BAD DECISION to FAUX PAINT the cabinets.

So I met with the Investor and his partner and was shown 2 sample boards. One was glazed antique white and one was fauxed a rich dark brown.

OMG....I was so pleasantly surprised......I liked them both and thought the painter was very talented!! I thought both would work fine however the antique white was too personal (maybe a bit dated) and may not appeal to everyone....which is the GOAL!

OK the moment you've been waiting for...I hope you enjoy these Temecula Before and After Faux Painting & Home Staging pictures as much as I do!!!

Temecula Kitchen Before Faux Painting & Home Staging

Temecula Kitchen After Faux Painting & Home Staging

Temecula Kitchen Before Faux Painting & Home Staging

Temecula Kitchen After Faux Painting & Home Staging

Temecula Kitchen Before Faux Painting & Home Staging

Temecula Kitchen After Faux Painting & Home Staging

I was sooooooooooo glad I was WRONG about Faux painting the kitchen cabinets! :) Faux painting has come a long way from the bad old sponge painting days!!! Fauxing these white Kitchen cabinets really updated the property! I was so thrilled with the finally results I have decided to use the painter for my property!

I am no long "Oh No Faux"!! :)

The happy ending..............we reached our goal.......this Temecula Real Estate Property received multiple offers and is currently in Escrow!!


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